Rubber Technology Fair

Over the years, China has made significant progress in the industrial world with economic growth. On purchase power parity basis, it is the world's second largest economy and the world's third largest trading entity. It is considered an emerging economy because of its rapid growth and industrialization since opening up.
Rubber industry plays a vital role in the functioning of virtually all key sectors of economy which includes daily necessities, infrastructure, healthcare, transportation, machinery and electronics. Rubber provides critical inputs which enable other sectors to grow and it has a wide application in different areas of industry.
China International Rubber Technology Fair (RTF), has been held concurrently with China International Tire and Wheel Fair for 13 years since 2004. The total exhibition area is 50,000 sqms and the area for RTF is 30,000sqms. There were 16,369 visitors from 57 different countries within 3 days for negotiation and promotion. Suppliers and buyers made a perfect match making during the exhibition time.
Rubber Technical exhibition area:
Toy, Tool,Hardware etc. 5.1%
Rubber tube, Rubber belt, emulsion product 19.3%
Rubber additives, additive etc 12.9%
Rubber raw materials 12.5%
Tire&Rubber machine tool 17.4%
Sealing, Rubber accessories 13.6%
Shoes 5.15%
Rubber Tool 5.6%
Tyre 26.7%
Tyre Retreading 12%

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