Tire and Wheels Fair

China (Qingdao) International Tire and Wheel Fair (thereafter called CTF) has been successively held since 2004. For the past 12 years, participants have increased remarkably and CTF grows larger and larger year by year. Now CTF has grown up to a prestigious international platform for information exchange, market development, and entrepreneurial communication in rubber and tire industry in Asia-Pacific area. CTF successfully helps exhibitors promote their brands and contributes a lot to improving their competitiveness in international market.
Why Qingdao
-Economically very important port city in the southeast region of Shandong Province
-Located not far from South Korea and Japan and halfway between Shanghai and Peking, the most important cities in China for international trade.
-More than 1000 companies working in the tire and rubber sector.
-Tire exports account for half of the total amount in China.
Why Shandong province¨Csome statistics
- Shandong ranks first among the provinces in the production of tires in China. Total  output of tires reached 380 million by the end of 2013, accounts for almost 50% of the country's output and more than 15% of the world's output.
- Total tire sales income of more than 310 billions.
- Tire productivity grows 15% annually.
- Synthetic rubber shortfall of 500,000 tons.
- Up to 560 tire manufactures.
Tyre&Wheel exhibition area
Tyre foreign trade sale, domestic trade sale and automobile service 45%
Automobile production industry 18%
Large purchasing enterprise(ex:mine, harbor, airline, logistics company)12%
Automobile maintenance 13%
Tyre Manufacture researcher( research institute, design institute) 7%
Others(association, commerce, college, media,others) 5%.

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